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Manufacturers of Affordable & Durable Hydroponics Solutions

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Working with us

GroFlo manages an extensive product portfolio which have been tested through the years with a variety of crops to help growers maximise their yields. All the GroFlo trays are food grade.

You can email us at to order any of these field proven products or reach out to us with a custom design suited to your growing needs. The colour, thickness, texture, material can be customised as per your needs. 

Since we are manufacturers, we give you the cheapest prices that allow you to invest in your farm in other ways.

Shipping with us is easy as we partner with leading shipping companies in the world to get you the trays in perfect condition.



Lettuce grow together! 

Leave us a message for custom designs & bulk orders!


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About US

My family has run a vacuum forming business for the last 35 years. Our cornerstones have always been around sustainable and recycled plastic solutions. Taking those principles into farming, along with the growing scarcity of resources, we launched GroFlo Hydroponics with tailor made products in mind for urban farmers. This makes farming more accessible to the general population and allows for higher yields for commercial growers.

We started small, created several different designs and went to local farmers with decades of experience to understand which designs work best. At GroFlo Hydroponics, we believe the customer is always right and if you listen to them, you will always end up having winning products. After our initial success, we now offer a wide selection of products for novice growers all the way up to professionals and large growing operations.

Running a business is not always easy, but if you focus on quality, on-time deliveries and having an obsessive customer service team, you can achieve wonders.

GroFlo Hydroponics is a growing family, which you are now part of. We want to you find solace in your garden and feel healthy harvesting greens. From our family to yours: happy growing and respect your plants as a form of respecting yourself. 

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